Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All Around Town

So we have been very busy bees lately,and with the internet down it was hard to keep you up to date. The last thing that was told was my face had flared up with acne (guessing I'm just a very late bloomer  LOL.) However my mystery product that works Miracles is actually called Dr.miracles Acne Treatment system. I watched and took generous notes the whole time I used it and it cleared me right up. I do have combination to oily skin so I suggest if you have dry skin to use the system with another type of moisturizer.I absolutely love the system and will recommend it to anyone.

Now getting off of acne lets move right along to pets remember now is the time to start shifting them from their winter schedule back onto their summer schedule. I know I know you're thinking ,(they've barely been on the winter schedule.)Switching them for the warmer months early gets them prepared so it's not culture shock.Kind of like when you start getting your child prepared for school by putting them to bed early before summer break is over.It's the same concept.

Now lets talk about food NOT DIETING just food.A good tip is too eat foods with plenty of grains ,eat a lot of nuts, fruits and seeds.For the fact that it keeps your food processing (if you know what I mean.) In turn helping your metabolism and allowing you to maintain a healthy ,happy weight.I'm not saying only eat those things just snack on them before meals ,seeing as it will lower your appetite and help again to process what you do eat for you meals.

Thats all for today .
I wish everyone a Healthy and Happy NewYear!
Be Blessed

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have chosen to open up my blog again. I am even hosting a Contest on the Movie Winnie the Pooh. Stop by and enter the contest if you like.


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