Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Life! (an update from SCHII)

So I have been very very busy lately as I let all of you know,(sorry Sis.) I haven't been on the blog for a while. It has been very rainy over here. I am planning a vacation to Disney World (soooo excited.) Also my face is clearing very nicely but I will still not disclose my secret product until my face is completely clear!(that way I know it really really works!)Everything has been Ok over here other than the weather and still its not bad, perfect weather to walk in as it's not too hot.There is something on my mind it is prayer request. Whenever someone ask me to pray for them I just stop what Im doing and pray so that I dont forget. For those of you who can't just stop what you're doing write it down and when you have time alone to pray then pray for all that you wrote down. If anyone has a prayer request please put it in the comment box at any time my sis and I will be more than happy to pray for you.GOD knows what you're going through but He wants to know that you are humble and believe enough to ask Him so please don't ever forget the power of fasting and prayer.Especially during the Holidays people seem to get caught up in the moment and forget what the season is all about ,remember that GOD is the reason for the season & All things work for the good to those who believe in Christ Jesus.

Monday, November 29, 2010


This week I won't really have a lot to say as I'm taking this week and spending more time with the Lord, in prayer and reading His Word. Sometimes it's good to take a little extra time and spend with Him. I will say that I have really been enjoying my bread machine. The bread turns out the best when I use the dough cycle and then place it in a bread pan to rise and bake in the oven. My hubby's favorite bread has been the raisin cinnamon bread. He even had a friend over watching the game yesterday and asked me to bake a loaf for them. That's why it's on the menu twice this week. I look forward to talking to you guys next week and letting you know how this week of devotion went.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Take time to give thanks unto the Lord for all that He has done, the most important being His death on the cross for your salvation.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Been 12 Years

Beau and I celebrated our 12 year Wedding Anniversary yesterday and it was so awesome! Our friend made the beautiful cake above for us and not only was it so very pretty, it tasted SOOOOO GOOD! It was a yellow cake with a raspberry filling, two layers and a whipped cream type frosting. Now I know I shouldn't have eaten as big a slice as I did but it was my anniversary and that cake was just so yummy :-)  We went and hung out with some friends from a marriage ministry and fellowshipped and discussed the book, The Four Seasons of Marriage by Gary Chapman. It was great! We're not done celebrating yet though. We have this couple that we love to spend time with and that we have so much in common, so for dinner tonight we're gonna meet up with them at Country Buffet. We spent our anniversary with them last year so I think it's gonna become a little tradition of ours. I am so amazed by how God has blessed our marriage! We've had tons of odds against us, especially since we dated as teenagers and married young but God still does miracles. Also, I'm sitting here remembering how I shared our anniversary with you guys last year and am so thankful for my Blogger buddies. By-the-way, I'm the one in the blue jeans in the video below :-) It's weird how i pictured our couple friends first I know. The next video is a couple of pics. of his anniversary gifts I gave him.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bread For Christmas?

 First, let me start out by saying that a friend of mine gave me her bread machine. She received it as a gift and is not really into making homemade bread. Well, I'm REALLY into making homemade bread and now I know just what to give out for Christmas gifts this year. Beau and I have pretty big families and lots of great friends and what would be nicer than for them to receive a loaf of fresh-baked bread for Christmas? That will be a couple of LONG nights for me to bake all that bread, but I enjoy giving and receiving freshly baked bread and think that it will make a great gift. I can't wait! By-the-way, I've been having lots of fun with my new bread machine. Every night I've made a different loaf of bread to go with dinner. I'm really looking forward to making breakfast breads too. I'm gonna start out by making a cinnamon raisin bread. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010


So it has been awhile since I truly gave you all an update.The most recent one is my face is looking great! Like I said earlier I am not going to acknowledge the product until after the complete 30 days of use .I can't believe the results being as it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet. Also Hubby and I are looking for a house ,He has found some beautiful options but we want it to be just right! We are planning many trips because we need to take a trip to my parents and help them with a few repairs,We are traveling for the holidays (we will have a house sitter of course.) Also our anniversary we always plan a nice vacation so that will probably be the biggest one.So that is why I have been working extra hard ,I know that if I overwork  myself now that I will be able to enjoy it in the future! So off I go I need to exercise,clean and organized before heading off to work!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Trying New Things!!

So I don't oppose to trying new things actually I jump at the chance to try anything new.However when it comes to home maintenance or skin care ,I tend o get very excited and think it's working when really it's not.So to stay away from frustration I haven't tried anything new in awhile.Well I have been struggeling with my skin care and really just got to the point where I figured there was no cure and it was just how it was going to be until my body worked itself out.Well I am trying a new skincare but I have taken it to the next level I took before picture's(you can see at the end of the post.)Also I am tracking in writing how my face reacts and how I felt that day. I want to make sure if it doesn't work I will know it was the product and if it does work well you know. So far so good ,it's new so I know I am still very excited but if it works everyone will know!! LOL Oh also I won't be taking after pictures until the first month is over.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taking On The Bathroom!

I have been working very hard while also maintaining a clean house. Since I am not at home all day I can't spend as much time as I normally would cleaning up,but I still manage to have my house in order.Well hubby doesn't understand that I can't get down and do that detailed cleaning when, I'm soo tired that I can't even see LOL.He had mentioned the other day to bring in a maid to clean the bathroom YIKES that hurt a little. He assured me that I was doing a great job and that he just wanted to help me out,but I took it a little different.So before he calls the maid service I'm taking on the bathroom. I've got to keep my motivation up and make sure hubby can see that I don't need any maid to help me clean up my OWN house. So off I go wish me luck!

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