Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

At least at my house anyway :-)
My husband and sons could not wait to put up the Christmas tree. Our tree and other Christmas decor was up promptly Friday morning. I think someone was a little excited. I bet you're all wondering what I was doing while the guys were working so hard. Well, in all seriousness, I could not roll myself off of the couch. I ate way too much on Thanksgiving. I literally made myself sick. I felt like an overstuffed turkey! Every year I vow that I WILL NOT eat that much again next year, but when I see all that yummy goodness I temporarily black out and don't know what I've done to myself until afterwards. Well, the after-effects are just now wearing off. What's a girl to do? It will be like Dejavu when Christmas comes around.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


There are so very many things that I am thankful for. God is so good! I think if I started a list of all the things that I'm thankful for, for one it would be pages upon pages, secondly, I am blessed by God with more blessings all the time so my list would never end. Thanksgiving brings about so many wonderful thoughts to so many people, but for some who are going through horrible times right now or even those who don't know Christ, it's hard for them to have that joy right now. I was reminded yesterday when I was reading Nan's blog over at that some people may not have on their minds the usual happy thoughts that Thanksgiving brings because they're going through something right now. If we could remember those people and take time to pray for them it would be such a blessing. Be happy, be thankful, but also remember those who are having a hard time and pray with them and mourn with them.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anniversary Fun!

We've had so much fun celebrating our anniversary. We've been celebrating since our actual anniversary on Thursday. I promised to tell what I did for hubby . I made him two small lemon cakes and some no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies. I bought him a yummy smelling candle and a beta fish. We had my wonderful mother-in-law watch the kids while we went to lunch at Country Buffet and then to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Like I said we had so much fun!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A turnaround in my childrens' attitude

I had been having a really hard time with my boys having a bad attitude when told to do their chores. I have no idea what happened but their negativity was really starting to affect me and I didn't want it to rub off on their little sister. I prayed and prayed. This was serious because peoples moods really affect my mood and I don't put off a bad attitude when I'm doing chores around the house. It actually makes me really happy to bless my family in that way and the boys know that. So what was I to do? Well, something kind of just came to me so I decided to give it a try. My boys are always wanting an allowance but we don't give them one. I think we might go broke if we had to pay them for all the chores that they do. So I decided to make them fake money on little post-it notes and I customized the money just for them. My son Beau, earns BEAU BUCKS and my son Bakari earns KARI DOLLARS. Anyhoo, when they do a chore wwith a good attitude and/or I catch them doing something that I feel is exceptional, then I pay them with their fake money. After they've earned ten BEAU BUCKS or KARI DOLLARS then they can turn them in to me for a prize out of the prize box which we all made and decorated one weekend. The prizes are usually candy bars since I don't allow them to have those often. After they've turned in their ten fake dollars they start all over collecting them again. This system really has blessed our family because now they get up earlier every morning and cheerfully get started with their chores and begging me for more chores. And at the end of the week, how much money have I lost? Only about $1.00 for the price of two candy bars and that treat makes them so happy and I'm one happy momma.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is that a SCOBY I see?

I have been drinking Kombucha tea lately and it is so good! I think that I may be addicted to it. There's absolutely nothing like it. Besides, it makes me feel good drinking it and knowing that it's good for me. Well that stuff is expensive if you buy it from the natural food store. So, I set out to make my own SCOBY, and the first attempt failed. But since I'm not a quitter I tried my hand at it again and it worked! I just set some already made Kombucha in a glass container, covered the top with a paper towel and let it sit( for weeks). Well now that I have my SCOBY lets make Kombucha, yummy. I can't wait to tell you all how it turns out.

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey ya'll, I'm back! God is so awesome! Even with the small things like a computer. Thanks Beau for the wonderful anniversary gift!

Monday, November 16, 2009

What happened to me?

Hello my sweet blogger friends,

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here. My computer went KUPOOT so now I'm out of a computer temporarily. I'm actually blogging from the library. What a life:-) Being without a computer has freed up a little more time for my hubby and kids. I've been having so much fun with my kids! So much fun that I was starting to ignore the messes we were creating throughout the house. So, I had to regroup and get the house back in order. Now that that's over it's fun time again! The other day my sister, Alonna, posted about lists. Thanks so much!!!! I have always been one to think, I know what I have to get done I don't need a silly list. Well, I sure have gotten A LOT more accomplished everyday.

God bless ya'll

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting things done!

Before I went to bed last night,I couldn't help but think of all the things I could've gotten done but never did. Sometimes we as women don't take the time out for ourselves ,instead doing it all for our families. Well that's what was happening,As the days went on I realized my house wasn't as clean as usual and I wasn't as energetic.
So This morning as I get the family ready (normal routine of making breakfast, packing lunches and getting everyone out the door on time.)I think how can I accomplish everything that I need to get done today because honestly lately my mind was thinking"well I did all this stuff let me relax when I'm alone"
With that said I was digging a unhappy hole for myself and something needed to change FAST.
Sitting on my bed after everyone has left the house I contemplated what I could do to fix this.
I know I know .You've listed before But did you actually stick with it?For instance...
My list after everyone was out the door went something like this>>>
  1. Go to the gym
  2. Get online
  3. Call all appointments
  4. clean house

Extra Do laundry

There was more but as I was getting ready for the gym(a task I have not done in awhile)I saw my un-made bed. I ALWAYS make my bed before I leave the house, so as I'm pulling up that 1st cover I stopped myself . As you see the gym was my 1st priority of the day cleaning house was later, I left the covers undone and took myself to the GYM (yea I survived).The reason why I am mentioning all of this stuff is because I know myself and I know that once I get started I will not stop, and by the time I would've finished cleaning the entire house I would've been ready to relax. Also Don't try to be super woman I had to but away my cape while jotting down my TO-DO list because if I'm overwhelmed nothing will get done.So the little things that don't need to necessarily be done THAT day put them as extras on your list that way you don't beat yourself up if it doesn't get done.I have been doing my list since 6am this morning it is only 10am and I have already accomplished more then usual.
Just remember
  • List it
  • Try it
  • And you don't always have to be super woman

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Recipe Received in the mail...

Whenever I find recipes that are good and familier, I love to share them with as many people as possible. Not only that but I miss casseroles so I'm bringing 1 back.

Chicken Noodle Casserole
2/3 cup chopped onions
1 garlic clove, minced
1 Tbsp canola oil
1 1/2 pounds of boneless chicken breast,cut into 3/4 cubes
1(14.5 ounce)can chicken broth
1 1/2 cups chopped carrots
3 celery ribs,chopped
1/2 tsp dried savory
3tbsp butter
3 tbsp all- purpose flour
3/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp lemon pepper
1/8 tsp white pepper
1 1/2 cups 2% milk
2 cups shredded sharp chedder cheese
8 ounces wide egg noodles,cooked and drained
In a large non-stick skillet,saute onion and garlic in oil until tender.Add chicken;cook and stir until no longer pink.Add the broth,carrots,celery and savory.Bring to boil.Reduce heat;cover and simmer for 10-15 min or until vegetables are tender.Meanwhile, in a saucepan, melt butter.Stir in the flour,salt,lemon pepper and white pepper until smooth.Gradually add milk. Bring to a boil;cook and stir for 2 min or until thickened.Remove from the heat;stir in cheese until melted.Pour over chicken mixture.Add noodles;mix well.Transfer to a 3-Qt. Baking dish coated with non-stick cooking spray. Bake, uncovered at 35o for 15-20 min or until bubbly. serves 8.
Sounds Yummy doesn't it??!!

Cheesy Potato Wedges

2 Potatos
1 cup of vegtable oil
1/2 cup of water
1 Tbsp of Zatarains Fish Fry
Shredded Cheese

Pre-heat the oven to 450. Chop potatos into wedges and place in pan .Cover potatos with 1/2 oil and water.
Bake until potatos are soft enough to stick a fork but still hard enough that you can pick them up without them falling apart.
Place fish fry and (JUST)oil in pan and stir all along the bottom of the pan ( heat the pan hot enough like your going to fry chicken)
Then take potatos one at a time and fry them on the stove in the fish fry mixture until browned and crunchy
After all the potatos are cooked place back in the stove in a empty ungreased pan and sprinkle shredded cheese all over the top of potatos and heat on Broil for 3-5 min until cheese is browned.
And whoola !! Presto cheesy fries and they sure are good....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Anniversary is near

It's almost my anniversary and I am so excited! On the 19th I will have been married to my hubby for 11 years. It's been quite a journey. So now, here we are...... We have really been through a lot, gotten through a lot, and changed a lot. If I could go back and give my younger self any advice it would be to cling to Christ. It really is because of the Lord that we've been married this long. Now for the fun part, planning how we will celebrate our anniversary. Thanks to my sister, Alonna's, post on how she celebrated her hubby's birthday, it shouldn't be so hard for me. Last night I came to hubby and told him some ideas that I had for our anniversary and he told me that he already had it taken care of. What a nice surprise! He told me that we were going to eat at the restaurant in the aquarium downtown, but he won't give up any other details. I'm so excited that I can hardly wait! Next, what in the world should I give him for a gift? Well, well, well, any old wife might just go out and buy a card and a gift, but not me. I am absolutely not an ordinary wife and like things personal and not to mention thrifty. So here's what I'm thinking....maybe a homemade card, a back massage, and his favorite dessert(no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies).  Grandma has already volunteered to babysit so we have that whole night to ourselves. I'll have to let everyone know how it all turns out. Until then let the countdown begin:-)

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