Friday, February 12, 2010


So When I was younger I was NOT allowed to touch my clothing in any other manner than to wear them. So as my friends were writing all over their jeans,cutting them and an array of other experiments, I was stuck being (what I considered then)a boring teenager.Of course when I got older I never touched my clothing except to throw it into the trash when something went wrong!IE:ripped,stained,shrunk (I grew) etc....
But then it dawned on me when I was about to throw out about 5 pairs of worn out jeans and buy some shorts that I DID IT!!! Oh yeah Buddy I cut those jeans so fast and it was kind of a relief. I got carried away BIG TIME... I pulled out every item of clothing that was in my trash box and I went to work.. Cutting Shorts, covering stained tops with vest,sewing the pockets of jeans to have a new look... I did everything from chopping pantyhose to make girdles (hey the control tops work great for that (Especially if your wearing a skirt or dress that you don't want to wear pantyhose with)I also used the pantyhose for hair ties and decorations for my hair{no one noticed the difference}I also was just tired of some jeans that I had so I sewed the pockets into little bows and it made a new pair of jeans..

I say just have fun with it Ladies (or guys) CHOP CHOP!! My personal experience is I saved a lot more money making new outfits than if I were to toss the old a buy some new.. JUST HAVE FUN and KEEP SAVING...

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  1. What no pictures? I'd love to see your creativity!

    My friend's daughter wrote all over her jeans. She drew pictures and let her friends write messages and this was just a couple of years ago, lol!


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