Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Day in the Life...

Of a monkey? a cat? a dog? a bat? a fly? No, just me. I'm always so nosey curious about how other people organize their day so if you're like me and you're a little nosey curious, then here's my basic schedule:

                                       This is a typical weekday schedule

5a.m.-Devotions(unless I drop hubby off at work at 2a.m. then I come right back home and spend time with the Lord then and then try to get a little more sleep until 6:30)

6:30- Everyone gets up and ready for the day( this includes making our beds, hygiene, dressed, bible study, and breakfast)

7:40- Take Bakari to school

8:30- Homeschool Beau jr.

12:00-School is over and it's time for lunch!

1:00- work out (sometimes, I just visualize working out instead of actually doing it:-)

2:00- tidy up (I do my deep cleaning on Saturday mornings)

3:00- Time to pick up Bakari from school and help do the crosswalk

5:00- dinner, homework, get ready for bed, and storytime

6:00- bed time for kids and hubby, I get on the computer and/or read until I fall asleep around 7p.m.

This schedule doesn't always work out but I use it as a guide, so I'm not just running around wondering what in the world should I do next.

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