Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hectic Day (4 post in 1)

Ok My sis and I love these double or more post in one. I don't know why maybe it just gives us a sense of accomplishment. Anywho So I had quite a hectic day, there is no real moral  or point to this story at all. I just thought that I had an interesting day and want to share it . So here it goes.....

I wake up at 7 am pack lunch, make breakfast and eat (I know blah blah blah) thats just the everyday stuff.So I dropped off hubby at work (one car right now stinks.) I stopped by the post office to pick up a large box ,which they said they would have later in the day. So I went home..... Well then I took the dog for about an hour walk and came back inside the house. (I thought that I would {should}be resting from that walk but.......... Instead I was getting everything together to send a box of goodies to my sis and her fam.I know it sounds simple enough: besides the fact that I had been working on the box for over a week.Not only that but of course it was over flowing,Man I was putting stuff in like a puzzle and then dumping stuff out and trying again...Ding ding ding the bell went off in my head, I can just put everything in the car,go to the post office later and get the bigger box,and send it. Simple enough right??? Oh buddy I felt accomplished for sure. So I left the stuff alone (for the moment)

I have to get the dog ready to go to the Vet (nothing serious just annuals) So here I go brushing her hair, spraying her down all that good stuff. (oh yeah I make sure she looks good,Shes my baby .)So after that Off We go early Yes I said early. I left an hour early in the hopes that I could go to the post office get a larger box,mail it and be on my way. Hahahahahahaha! Do you think that happened ? Heck No. I got to that dang post office just to find out they had NO larger boxes I had the largest one. No problem I thought "I'm just going to get another box the same size and send 2. Did they have the same size? Of course not ughhhh That's all I could think. So I grabbed the smaller box and off I went. Sitting in the car I realized No tape I had no friggin tape.So hum I'll just pack the box with no tape and take it in there and They can tape it. Yeah another bright idea from the peanut gallery (the bottom of the box kept falling out, if your a little behind like me.) Well enough with this I had to get Annie to the Vet.Arriving at the Vet everything was great except pooch is a bit chunky (oh well what do you expect she's spoiled.)

On the way home from the Vet I knew I had to get this box(boxes) shipped out today Or they wouldn't get shipped for another week(or 2). So I whipped into the parking lot of a local grocery store,Jumped out the car and bought some tape. (the cute kind with the little claw on the end) I probably didn't need the claw but it made me feel Powerful and I was grouchy(sharp objects make you feel better when your grouchy, didn't you know that.)So I headed home,dropped off the dog and again headed out to the post office(I felt like I lived there by this time)I sat in the back of the car (Hot car) and pushed,taped,shoved,screamed,crammed. By the time I got out of that car,I looked like I had just gottin out of a brawl with a couple hundred cats. My hair was going in every direction but down ,I was so sweaty you would've swore I wet myself,I had box tape all over me And I think that Dang claw cut me.Whoops getting off the subject ....So Finally the boxes were packed I thought to myself "Yes I'm Done" You think? Of course not I stood in that line for nearly an hour just to arrive at the desk for the guy to tell me "I can't ship this small box it's too full" WHAT THE #!$#@%$@ I was beyond done. I ripped that box open so fast grabbed a pair of shoes out (Sorry Ariana)and re-taped the box. I know the postal worker thought I had gone Well Postal!! After that I don't think He had a choice but to take the box.Yes I was really done and I had about 2 hours to kill before I had to pick up Hubby.

I got home kicked off my shoes,Sunk into the sofa.....then my phone rung. It was hubby .He got off early and was wondering where I was Shoot! Off I went to pick up hubby. Needless to say That's just the day in the life of a Dedicated Christian Woman Enjoy!!

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