Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the Army... Crawl?

Ok I've been trying to keep my puppy occupied with all sorts of different activities. So I'm doing everything including making homemade toys,(considering She's very smart  and regular dog toys do nothing to stimulate Her.)Well as most of ya'll know I am receiving Dog Fancy (a dog mag)and although they have Great tips Annie (my pup would not be amused)So I have come across this tip on teaching pups to crawl soooooooo You know me we had some time and OMG!!! It worked. It was soooo cute. You know here's a vision for you all Imagine... Imagine my Big German Shepard,Husky Mix of a dog and me, I'm barley pushing 114 lbs crawling around on the floor (but it was cute) So here's how I did it. First have your dog lie down. Hold a treat on the floor in front of her and wiggle it.Then pull it a few inches away luring her to reach for it. (Don't move the treat too fast or she'll stand up) Repeat ,gradually pulling the treat further and further away.After your dog learns to crawl,switch to holding the treat and wiggling your finger in a beckoning gesture. After awhile your dog will come for just the finger gesture and verbal cue "crawl". So have fun more tricks are to come!

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