Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hubby Helpfulness (Part 2)

To go along with the post my sis wrote titled:Hubby Helpfulness, I thought wow no wonder she can help me so well.I was having difficulties understanding my husband on cleaning issues. I mean I stay home all day and clean,so the last thing I want or need to hear is him telling me to clean something else (you know.)Every time my husband gets home He acknowledges what I've done but then tells me what I should do or could have done , it was really bothering me. So of course I went to what I call my relative counselor (My Big Sis.)She let me know that if he ask for some little thing (even if it was bothersome to me)to just suck it up and do it....well that's what I heard but she actually said,"That everything you do, you do it for the Lord, so when Hubby ask me to do something just pretend that I am doing it Specifically for the Lord. That analogy really helped me to not be so irritated. Also it helped me to understand that He wasn't criticizing me ,if anything He was paying attention and knew that I could get more done.So Ladies (or Men) hopefully if your in the same position that I WAS in, This post help you in some sort of way.



  1. I need to think in those lines when it comes to helping the children find their missing toys or shoes or whatever that actually have a place but are not there because they neglected to put them away. I get so frustrated sometimes when I should really suck it up and do it ALL for the glory of God! Great post.


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