Friday, May 21, 2010


Our sweet doggie, Lola, is home after living with my brother-in-law for about a year.  The story of our boxer is amazing.  My hubby bought her shortly after I had Ariana.  We had a huge house with a huge yard, so plenty of space for our new beloved puppy.   We had her for only a short time when she contracted Parvo.  We sent her to hospitals and vets for a time (seemed like forever) and she was  finally recovering.  My motherly instinct was really kicked in and it was like I had two babies to care for.  Well after some time, we had found ourselves in financial turmoil and had to move to a much smaller space.  Way too small for a boxer.  Also, Lola was recovering but had started using the bathroom in the house.  She was still pretty weak.  All of a sudden I started to feel overwhelmed.  I was homeschooling both of the boys, Ariana was crawling all around, the dog was using my carpet as her restroom, and our space was very small.  So, my brother-in-law said he'd help us out and take Lola and care for her. I agreed.  We all missed her so much but knew she was in a great home, with lots of kids (6 in all), and she was loved.  Well, we've been through a lot and are now getting back on our feet (by the grace of God) and it just so happened that he now needed us to take Lola back. We were more than excited! It's like she never left, except now we don't get puppy surprises on our carpet. We love her so much and look forward to her spending the rest of her days with us.

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