Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Been 12 Years

Beau and I celebrated our 12 year Wedding Anniversary yesterday and it was so awesome! Our friend made the beautiful cake above for us and not only was it so very pretty, it tasted SOOOOO GOOD! It was a yellow cake with a raspberry filling, two layers and a whipped cream type frosting. Now I know I shouldn't have eaten as big a slice as I did but it was my anniversary and that cake was just so yummy :-)  We went and hung out with some friends from a marriage ministry and fellowshipped and discussed the book, The Four Seasons of Marriage by Gary Chapman. It was great! We're not done celebrating yet though. We have this couple that we love to spend time with and that we have so much in common, so for dinner tonight we're gonna meet up with them at Country Buffet. We spent our anniversary with them last year so I think it's gonna become a little tradition of ours. I am so amazed by how God has blessed our marriage! We've had tons of odds against us, especially since we dated as teenagers and married young but God still does miracles. Also, I'm sitting here remembering how I shared our anniversary with you guys last year and am so thankful for my Blogger buddies. By-the-way, I'm the one in the blue jeans in the video below :-) It's weird how i pictured our couple friends first I know. The next video is a couple of pics. of his anniversary gifts I gave him.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Ya'll look soooo Cute and the gifts are BEAUTIFUL!!


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