Friday, November 5, 2010

Trying New Things!!

So I don't oppose to trying new things actually I jump at the chance to try anything new.However when it comes to home maintenance or skin care ,I tend o get very excited and think it's working when really it's not.So to stay away from frustration I haven't tried anything new in awhile.Well I have been struggeling with my skin care and really just got to the point where I figured there was no cure and it was just how it was going to be until my body worked itself out.Well I am trying a new skincare but I have taken it to the next level I took before picture's(you can see at the end of the post.)Also I am tracking in writing how my face reacts and how I felt that day. I want to make sure if it doesn't work I will know it was the product and if it does work well you know. So far so good ,it's new so I know I am still very excited but if it works everyone will know!! LOL Oh also I won't be taking after pictures until the first month is over.



  1. I def want to know how the skin product works for you. It took some time to find one that really worked for me. The thing that worked best for me is something I found at WalMart.
    Btw....You're beautiful :)

  2. oh Thanx for the compliment! Yes if it works I'll let you know..

  3. My friend's daughter uses something called ProActive and it worked for her. However, my son uses Cetaphil (from Walmart) and it worked really well (that's what the dermatologist recommended).

    At first, his skin broke out even worse as it was cleaning and bringing all the impurities to the surface, but then it really cleared it up (well, that and 10% hydro.-whatever-that thing is called.

    So, hopefully it will work for you. But, as the other gal says, you really are beautiful, my friend!

  4. That's awesome! And I can certainly empathize w/you! I am 51 & still have as oily skin as I did when I was 14. I've had acne nearly all my life. Unfortunately, so did my DH so our girls were doomed. :-/ About 2-3 yrs ago, I did a lot of research & experimenting; I discovered an amazingly simple face wash the I & our girls have used ever since. It got rid of my DD#2's back acne in about 5 days!! If you want to take a look, my recipe is here:

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><


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