Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting things done!

Before I went to bed last night,I couldn't help but think of all the things I could've gotten done but never did. Sometimes we as women don't take the time out for ourselves ,instead doing it all for our families. Well that's what was happening,As the days went on I realized my house wasn't as clean as usual and I wasn't as energetic.
So This morning as I get the family ready (normal routine of making breakfast, packing lunches and getting everyone out the door on time.)I think how can I accomplish everything that I need to get done today because honestly lately my mind was thinking"well I did all this stuff let me relax when I'm alone"
With that said I was digging a unhappy hole for myself and something needed to change FAST.
Sitting on my bed after everyone has left the house I contemplated what I could do to fix this.
I know I know .You've listed before But did you actually stick with it?For instance...
My list after everyone was out the door went something like this>>>
  1. Go to the gym
  2. Get online
  3. Call all appointments
  4. clean house

Extra Do laundry

There was more but as I was getting ready for the gym(a task I have not done in awhile)I saw my un-made bed. I ALWAYS make my bed before I leave the house, so as I'm pulling up that 1st cover I stopped myself . As you see the gym was my 1st priority of the day cleaning house was later, I left the covers undone and took myself to the GYM (yea I survived).The reason why I am mentioning all of this stuff is because I know myself and I know that once I get started I will not stop, and by the time I would've finished cleaning the entire house I would've been ready to relax. Also Don't try to be super woman I had to but away my cape while jotting down my TO-DO list because if I'm overwhelmed nothing will get done.So the little things that don't need to necessarily be done THAT day put them as extras on your list that way you don't beat yourself up if it doesn't get done.I have been doing my list since 6am this morning it is only 10am and I have already accomplished more then usual.
Just remember
  • List it
  • Try it
  • And you don't always have to be super woman

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