Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm in the war on germs

I was recently drafted into a war, a war on germs. My hubby started off sick and now my 10 year old is sick. I immediately went into nurturer and warrior mode at the same, if that makes any sense. I ran to the store to grab some epsom salt, gingerale, and crackers. I already had the much needed tea and honey on hand. So, armed with the neccessary items for nurtering that's exactly what I began to do. Once I had both hubby and son comforted and relaxed I moved on to the weapons I would need to battle the germs. I grabbed the Clorox wipes, disinfecting spray, vinegar, and paper towels. Now that I had my weapons in hand I went to war. I must have blacked out because what seemed like an hour was really morning till night. Well, I just dare them germs to stay. Today hubby is feeling better, thank God. I'm praying that my son feels better soon and that the two "littles" don't get sick.

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