Thursday, October 22, 2009

Real Skin Age Test

Hey ladies
If you didn't know I am a certified Skin Analyst . I am trained to give this test to tell how old your skin REALLY is.
It is very fun and is correct So heres what you do......

Your skin Age is the biological age of your skin,based on how well you care for it.Determining your Skin Age is simple! Just answer these 10 Questions for your skin calculation.

1.) Your Age (based on the year you were born) _______
2.) Sun Exposure:
Wear SPF daily: -2
Use a tanning bed/booth: +17
Spend more than eight hours /week outdoors during the day: +8
3.) Skin Care Products:
Use daily skin care products (i.e,cleanser,toner,moisturizer): -2
Use age defying treatment products -5
4.) Nutritional Suppliments:
Use a mega multi -4
Or, Use a one a day supplement -3
Take additional anti oxidants(e.g vitaminC,vitaminE -1
5.)Experience high stress: +3
6.)Sleep 7-8 hours per night: -3
7.) Exercise a minimum of 60 min weekly: -2
8.) Live in a metropolitan area (pollution): +2
9.) Lifestyle:
Consume 4+ alcoholic beverages per week: +3
Smoke +8
Or regularly exposed to second hand smoke: +7
10.) Consume 8+ glasses of water daily: -2

Your Skin Age _________

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