Monday, October 5, 2009

My Oldest Daughter

Thankful for this beautiful girl
With her in my life ,it's a whole new world
She's a teenager now, but that is ok
Because raised up in Christ,is what I have prayed
Truely sweet is this child,that your looking at
The joy that she brings me will eternally last!


  1. Your girls are beautiful! I remember when the boys were little I sort of had a fear about having teenagers someday. You can read about it here if you want.

    But as they grew I realized that it's really not much different from raising little ones, is it? You grow in God's grace and wisdom and experience, and you raise your kids in the Lord, and pray and trust Him to guide you and to move their hearts.

    We cannot change our child's hearts,but God can. We can keep their hearts close to us as they grow, by being there for them and loving them. We can listen to them and support them, and then begin the process of releasing them.

    Thank you for your sweet words, my friend! You are a dear!

  2. Your daughter is stunning! They grow so fast:-( My 22 yod is getting married this Sat. I am so happy for her but then I think back to when she was little and I just about cry for all those precious years:-)


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