Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Outsmart the FLU!!!!

Wakey wakey eggs a bakey!

Or better yet Kick off your family's day with a breakfast rich in colorful fruits and veggies set against a backdrop of whole grain carbohydrates. The immune system functions better with a healthy diet. Also ask your doctor about giving your children a multi vitamin to make sure they're getting all the nutrients they need.

Germ Warfare
  • Wipe down the handle of your shopping cart, the door knobs of public bathrooms,even your kids menu (think of how many tiny tots have licked the pictures of tasty treats )
  • Bring your own books ,toys or portable video games. Most offices do clean their toys but the odds are huge that a sick child has had their hands on it)
  • Adults carry germs too! Use your pen at the doctors office, pharmacy and the checkout counter.
  • Spray down the bathroom with a household disinfectant , if a family member has been sick.Other germ magnets like phones,remote controls, microwaves and refridgerator door handles. You can spray down toys at the ends of the day. (I like to take a bowl and fill it with warm water and vinegar and dip the toys or wipe with that mix.)
  • Try not to hug soiled linens to avoid spreading germs to other parts of your body.Take them off them wash your hands afterward.
  • Sanitize like crazy if your go into an outdoor play place.

Wash wash and wash some more!!

  1. When to do it - Have your child wash their hands before meals, after using the bathroom,after coughing,sneezing,nose picking ,touching animals and after coming from outside.
  2. How Long - For at least 15-20 seconds, or long enough for your child to sing the alphabet or "Happy Birthday".
  3. What Temp - Have your kid wash in warm water. Heat isn't going to kill the bacteria but washing removes them.
  4. How Much Soap - Some Soap but not gobs (skip antibacterial soap.) Effective hand washing requires soap and friction so makes sure they rub their hands together vigorously.

Avoid Wardrobe malfunctions

From chilly bus stops to stuffy classrooms to hot gym classes: Most kids could use a series of costume changes throughout the day. Tempature fluctuations alone won't make them sick, but overheating can lead to dehydration, leaving them run down and more vulnerable to germs.. Layers that can be easily snapped on or zipped off with confidence will keep kids comfortable .

Speacially For Baby

Power up the probiotics, studies show that preschoolers who were given twice-daily probiotic supplements for 6 months experienced fewer fevers.cough and runny noses during the cold and flu season than children who were not. You can find probiaotics in Breast Milk and Formula, Foods Dannon makes yogurt and yogurt drinks with probiotics- Also Beech-nuts Goodmorning and goodevening baby food with prebiotics. Suppliments Ask your prediatrician about a supplement like Florastor Kids Or Culturelle for Kids, which is often used to treat antibiotic-related diarrhea.

Dish up the Vitamin D

Make sure your childs getting enough viamin (it helps activate immune cells) Good sources of vitamin D are Fortified Milk and juices,cheese,eggs and salmon. Still its tough to recommend 400-IU daily unless your childs a big milk drinker-one cup of mik only has about 100-IU of vitamin D. You should talk to your pediatrician about a 400-IU.Infants who are consuming at least 32 ounces of formula daily are covered, but once solids are added to their diet, they're likely to need a supplement too.

Wipe them Clean

Doctors agree that when you're on the go , the gentelist way to wash your childs hands is simply with a baby wipe. Since infant skin is more permeable , steer clear of alcohol based sanitizers until he is at least 2 yrs old.

H1N1 Update!

Should your child get the new flu vaccine? What's the latest treament advice? Find the most current H1N1 news at Parenting.com/flu

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