Monday, September 20, 2010

Bible Study Update

What started off as a bible study on the book, Married and How to Stay That Way, between my friend and I, now also includes our husbands.  I'm so excited!  My friend and I get together every Friday and go through the chapter for that week and then over the weekend we all get together and go over the study. There's mine and hubby's automatic weekly date :-) In chapter two there's a questionnaire that goes over things that really help in maintaining a Christ-centered marriage . After going over the questionnaire you're supposed to work on the things that aren't happening. My hubby suggested that we pray together daily. I thought that was a perfect starting point.   Here's the list in case anyone else is interested in taking part:

  • Do you pray with your spouse about personal issues in your life?
  • Do you pray with your spouse about your marriage on a regular basis?
  • Do you go to church and sit with each other on a weekly basis?
  • Do you talk about things you have learned from the sermon later that day?
  • Do you talk over the things you are learning in your personal reading of Scripture or from a book about the bible?
  • Do you serve others together? As Sunday School teachers? Edifying others? Giving of your time to help others in practical ways?
  • Do you talk over your day with each other when you gather together in the evening? 
  • Do you freely share your opinions and ideas with your spouse?
  • Do you regularly give encouragement, and can you also receive it from your spouse?
  • Do you make future plans together and can you make decisions together?
  • Do you share your hopes, fears, hurts, and goals with each other?
  • Do you have any mutual recreation that you do together in which you communicate? Walking, biking, working out at a gym, etc.
  • Do you go shopping together and enjoy just being together?
  • Do you have a weekly date night?
  • Do you daily verbalize your love to your spouse?
  • Do you do chores around the house together?
  • Do you write cards or love notes to each other?
  • Do you share your deepest emotions with each other?
  • Do you give and receive emotional support to and from each other?
  • Do you have the freedom to laugh and cry with each other?
  • Do you accept your emotional differences?
  • Do you give gifts periodically to your spouse just to say ,"I love you"?
  • Do you serve your mate when your help is requested?
  • Do you, in a non-sexual way, touch and hold each other on a daily basis?
  • Do you approach each other regularly for sexual relations, and are your advances received favorably?
  • Do you express real affection while engaged in sexual relations, or is it just a physical act with little emotion?
After reading through the list of questions, you're supposed to find the ones your not doing as a couple and work on those a few at a time.  By-the-way, I'm thinking this study is pretty neat!


  1. What a great list of questions. Thanks for sharing.


  2. It sounds cool and very informative!

    My husband and I go to the same mass but don't sit together b/c I'm in the choir and he is not...

  3. Alana, I think the questions are pretty neat too.

    Lori, that happens to my husband and myself sometimes too. We go but sometimes I serve in the nursery and he does not :-)


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