Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Picky Eaters!

Such a picky eater! That’s what I used to call my husband until I realized I’m picky too! Since we have been married I have begun to realize that there are too types of picky. Junky picky and Healthy picky. Junky picky eaters will stray from healthy types of food and lean more towards foods they are more familiar with say pizza, more than a veggie wrap. That describes my hubby next…are Healthy picky those people stray from junky foods and stick to more healthy types more fruits and veggies than say cooked foods  that’s me. I was very surprised to realize that I, Me was a picky eater but I am. If I can’t find something healthy in the house I am NOT eating. Where as hubby will not eat anything he has not eaten before (ask me how that works, it’s hard)But we have learned to work with each other I will buy things he is used to but I will make it healthy. He has learned to be understanding when I just need to buy fresh produce .I just find it soo funny me of all people a picky eater. I usually try everything but as far as on a normal basis I’m healthy food all the way. Hubby on the other hand He will try some healthy foods but for the most part he’s Pizza and pancakes all the way.
What can I say opposites attract!


  1. Our house is full of picky eaters, me probably being one of the worst. I guess that's why I like doing the cooking, I get to make what I like to eat ;) Have a blessed day.

  2. Yes it's good to be the cook in the house! You have a BLESSED DAY as well!!


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