Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Weight Debate

So as I spoke with hubby one night ,we  or should I say I brought up the subject of my behind.You know the rear end!! Well  people would say I have an hour glass figure I just call it an apple bottom. I just think the rear end of my truck is a little too wide.Hopefully you can follow my lingo,so he actually got mad because I said I was working to drop it down a few sizes. I could have choked laughing actually I think I swallowed my gum.I couldn't believe this man was getting upset because his wife wanted to drop lbs . I would have thought he would  jump for joy.Needless to say I am getting back on a workout routine but instead of my target muscle being the rear I'll do something like arms or calves.LOL What women do to keep their men happy.Heck I enjoy eating certain things that may not help that muscle go down anyways . So Hopefully someone else has gone through something similar or else I'll probably just feel pretty strange.

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