Thursday, September 9, 2010

Doggie & Mommy Boredom

So I have been taking it easy due to mild migraines during the day. So while I have been taking it easy Annie(puppy dog) has been taking it boring. Yep she has been so bored trying to get all kinds of attention and fighting sleep. I didn't know what I was going to do,I felt very bad because I knew she should have more activities but I just didn't feel up to it. Being the good mommy that I am I often just pushed through things like walks and playing fetch but the pain was intense.Then after we played I would be exhausted and fall asleep where ever I could lay first. It's not serious we are waiting for results from Dr. so I can go off being me,But for now me and pooch must take it easy. I have taken the initiative to bring her into a room with me when I need to lay down or just relax that way she's not alone. Annie has shown a big difference now that she knows I'm not ignoring her.Today I have big plans to get back into my exercise routine and wear Annie out lol. It's going to be great fun oh and a good tip Tennis courts. When you are tired but your pup isn't, take them to a tennis court and let them romp about. It is nice and enclosed so they will be safe and you can supervise without taken too much of your energy!


  1. Thanks for the tennis court tip, I will keep that in mind for my big fur baby. Hope you're migrains go away soon and your feeling back to normal.

  2. Thank u so much. Yes I'm feeling much better It was a side effect to some medicine I was taking! So all is well ,Pooch and I went running today!


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