Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reduce Fat???

Reduce fat ?!?!?! That’s the question that rung in my head all day. Here’s what happened My husband and I went to our annual physical. Everything done we find out that hubby has high cholesterol and needs to reduce fatty foods. HAHA those who haven’t seen pics of my hubby he’s is stick thin and all muscle. When they said he needed to reduce fat Im thinking “What Fat?” Any who … so as I dig around in my brain to figure out what he’s eating that’s not good; a light bulb shined bright in my head. Eggs yes this is coming from the egg queen I love love love eggs BUT that had to be what was spiking up his cholesterol. See now how was I to tell him I had to take another food away from him. I had just taken away his bacon, now his eggs. How is he possibly going to enjoy his favorite meal (pancakes, bacon and eggs?) It was hard enough reducing it to pancakes and eggs. Nope I had to figure something out so I called my sis and she gave me a great idea take out the yolks. So I tried it out a few days and he loved it when it was in something like a biscuit or sandwich but alone not so much. I figure I will just keep making the eggs like that and he will eventually have no choice but to eat them .At least he can still enjoy Pancakes and eggs


  1. Too funny...yes if you keep making them like that eventually they will get eaten. :)


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