Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Blessings

I like to keep a "prayer book". It's just a book of the names of people and their prayer requests, so when I pray I'll remember exactly what my friends or family needed prayer for. I also write down my own prayer requests. Anyhoo, sometimes I can get overwhelmed with an issue that I'm going through at the time and it helps if I count my blessings. Today I am going to make a book just to write down some ways God has blessed me. Here are a couple to start.....

1). My family was blessed with a beautiful dresser set. A friend I met at church no longer had need for her beautiful, new looking dresser set and offered it to us, FREE OF CHARGE! It was such a blessing to us because we REALLY needed dressers and good ones are a bit pricey, so it was a need that we had and God used our friend to meet that need.

2). I spoke to my cousin, whom I hadn't heard from in over 17 years. I moved from Alabama to Colorado when I was 12 years old and completely lost contact with my cousin, whom I had a VERY, VERY, close relationship with. Well....through my sister we were able to get in touch on New Years!!! God is so good!

God has blessed me in so many ways and it feels so good to look back and see what our Awesome God has done in my life and the life of my family.

God Bless

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