Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Need Of Prayer

I know everyone goes through trials in their lives , And when the trials come in our lives no matter how big or small ours tend to seem the worst. SO I'm not writing this for sympathy (no one needs that) especially not Christians; For we know ,"All things work for the good , for those who know and love the Lord." But at times one needs a little extra prayer and now is one of those times for Simple Christian Homemaker 1 And Her family.
Lets start they had a great home and when laid out a budget found that it would be more efficient to move to another apartment. Not long after being at the new apartment they opened the door to find a man dead outside (from natural causes.)But how traumatic must that have been. So after taking the time to cool down and pray for the mans family,they figured all would be well. Well.... not so after coming home from a beautiful night with Her husband SCH 1 Went to lay her baby girl down to bed and found the room that she was to lay her baby in had been broken into . The glass shattered. With most of their house rummaged through and missing they dialed 911.
SCH 1 and her family is doing well to cope with all of this however NOW need to find a safer place to move and get approved. I am praying that they get approved for a nice and safe apartment. Also that whoever was so heartless to do such a thing is found and their things be returned 10 fold.

Thank you all in advance for your prayers


  1. oh my sweet sister in Christ! I am so praying for God's perfect peace to rest on your family! For the mans family for their grief and that the Lord would bring peace and a real sense of Comfort!!! If there is anything I can do, please let me know!

  2. Amy I am so sorry for the things you have been going through..I am praying for you and for your family..I am praying that God will restore the things that you have lost and just praying for peace and comfort for you and your family.

  3. Praying! Please keep us posted. (((((hug)))))

  4. Amy, I am praying that God gives you the strength to deal with the things you have had to go through. Material things can be replaced. You and your family are safe although I am sure very shaken. God will take you to the right place and put you where he wants you. The trials we go through is to make us call upon His name and make us stronger. The person that broke in will get what is coming to them, even if it isn't until judgement day. Receive peace and comfort in knowing the Lord is watching over you and with you every moment of the day. My prayers are going up for you.

  5. I do Thank everyone for your prayers for my sister! I will keep everyone updated.


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