Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crock pot , Pot Roast

Well I'm sooo excited ...I didn't have a crock pot and was having to make everything the old fashioned way which takes too long and took away some of my options for meals.

So God must have heard my prayers because for Christmas I received a crock pot from my mother without even having to ask for it.

So for my first meal I decided to make a pot roast so with the help from my sister and my taste buds I made a simple pot roast.(this was a small meal for just 2 so you may need to double the recipe)
2lbs pot roast
1/2 pack onion powder
1 quartered onion
4 quartered celery
2cups of quartered carrots
1tsp salt/1tsp pepper or substitute season salt

Preheat your crock pot to high heat
Season roast on both sides with salt and pepper
Brown your pot roast on both sides
take a place your veggies in the crock
place browned pot roast on veggies
sprinkle onion powder all over top
then sprinkle beef broth on top
then just sit it out for 5 hours or if you have higher patience you can cook on low heat for 10 hours which allows the meat to be more tender.

Enjoy there's more to come
Also please send some of your crock pot recipes


  1. Seriously, my pot roast is in the crock pot now and it smells so good. Tomorrow...Chili. Yum!

  2. don't you just LOVE crock pots! I use mine for just about everything!!! yea for you!!! sounds yummy!

  3. Yes I woke up bright and early this morning a through my lunch in there. It makes the house smell and feel soo homey


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