Monday, December 14, 2009

Decorating on a budget

Ok with a tight budget and a small amount of time ,I decided I wasn't going to decorate this year . So besides putting up the tree I was going to stand firm on my decision of (there are better things to do with your time and money.) Well that decision lasted all of 2 days before I realized that isn't what I wanted. I wanted a beautifully decorated home.
There's something about those pretty decorations that just brightens your day. So Think Think Think And I GOT IT!
I go all around my house oh yes I am on a scavenger hunt for real. I grabbed everything I had that was green, red and sparkly and I got to work. I hung tiny Christmas ornaments on my bland chandelier, Took red sheets and wrapped them around the bottoms of tables not to mention red sheets are my tree skirts. Anything You can find do it , and I did it. I even hung some stockings (that don't belong to anyone ) out side on the porch wall DECORATE DECORATE that's all I can say.
Heres a site with some decorating pics
Also while your redecorating your home don't forget your front door. Grab some greenery from outside your home put it on the door,pine cones flowers bows again anything you can find .
Just have fun and when your done Take time to appreciate your hard work

Chow for Now!


  1. I collect snowmen. I went to a flee market 2 weeks ago and found a whole bunch of snowman stuff for .25 cents a piece! I was so excited. I brought those things and added them to my collection of snowmen that I already have. I was thinking about adding gingerbread men starting next year. I'll be looking throughout the year. I'm working on a gingerbread man quilt that I won't finish this year.
    Have a blessed day my friend :)

  2. Thanks for the lovely post. Doesn't it feel so good to decorate our homes? To make it look and feel so beautiful.

    Sandra, I too love the flea market. You found such wonderful deals. I do so hope that we'll get to see your beautiful quilt soon.

  3. Yes, there is something so cheery and happy and bright about Christmas decorations. I have bought many decorations at the thrift store.

    You should take a few pictures and post them. By the way, do you know how to do a link to a blog (instead of typing our the whole URL)? I can tell you how to do it, it's very easy. Let me know if you're interested!

  4. My home is decorated with TONS of 'garage sale' and 'thrift store' finds. I love "old country" or "rustic" so it's easy to find that kinda stuff.

    I may be 'out of date", but I love my cozy country house none-the-less!


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