Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick Sandwich Ideas

1.)Tomato Sandwich

Two slices of whole wheat bread

I whole ripe tomato cut into slices


Spread Mayo on both pieces of bread add tomatoes

and viola!

(you can also add other veggies,(bell peppers,cucumbers etc) and sprinkle on salt and pepper.

2.)Banana Sandwich

Two slices of wheat bread

I banana


Follow the same recipe as the tomato sandwich but substitute the tomato with the banana


3.)Egg & Cheese sandwich

Two slices of whole wheat toast

Two Large eggs

Two slices of Velveeta cheese


Scramble eggs and place on plate, cover bottom of pan with butter and add slice of bread .When bread is slightly browned flip and add 1 slice of Velveeta cheese take bread out of pan and lay eggs on top . Place 2nd cheese slice on 2nd uncooked slice of bread. Place on top of sandwich and cook the entire sandwich in the pan . (un-browned slice of bread down) until bread is brown and

Your Done!

4.)Fried Egg Sandwich

Two eggs



Fry the eggs on the stove until done,place all ingredients on bread and you finished

You can salt and pepper for taste

5.)The croissantwich

One Can Pillsbury croissant rolls

16 slices of ham

4 slices Velveeta cheese

Cut Velveeta cheese slices in half (that way you have 8 slices of cheese)Follow instructions on croissants BUT instead of rolling empty place 2 slices of ham & 1 Half slice of cheese inside the dough and then roll. Place on a lightly greased pan and bake on 375 for APX 10 min or until brown.

The great part about this recipe is you can add anything you want!! Egg and cheese for breakfast.

Ham and cheese for lunch

And pepperoni and cheese for dinner

Have fun with it and send in Your croissant recipes....

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