Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shape Up!

OK so I have to be honest I have not been sticking with my exercise routine; which is 3 times a week at the gym.(OK so it's out) But fortunately my body is still in shape so I wanted to let everyone know some simple SIMPLE techniques to do to stay fit this holiday and hopefully it will stick with you all year long.

First Sometimes you just don't want to get out of bed , it may be cold , you may be tired whatever it may be . Its OK everyone has those days but while your in the bed do some leg lifts and arm lifts. Easy enough your still covered up and cozy but you got a little workout before even rising out of bed

Second so you want to sit down and watch some t.v that's fine but try some squats in front of the tube or what I do is crunches or squats every time it goes on commercial that way when the shows on you get a break( believe it or not its like a Lil game that is also relaxing.)

Third got children at the house now (or pets) take them for a walk YES children enjoy and need walks as much as we do .

And Last but not least before you go to bed at night do some buttocks lifts or crunches (you should be in the floor kneeling to pray anyways) and if not you can do those in the bed too!

These are fun little things I do to keep in shape and I wanted everyone to know. After you get into a routine of doing simple exercises all throughout the day you will see the LBS dropping and the muscles tightening. Just remember DON'T MAKE IT HARDER THAN IT IS

and have fun with it.

Chow for now!!!

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