Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ornament Exchange

So I received an invitation to an ornament exchange . I have never been to one before so I excepting the invite with great excitement. Well I was on the hunt for the cutest or prettiest or most outlandish ornament AS you can see I had no idea what to look for. So I got prepared and went shopping,I searched up and down. ALL of a sudden it dawned on me CUTE ornament and I found what I believe to be the perfect one(its a secret I can't tell what it is.)
BUT another obstacle arose when I found it was a pot-luck too, sooooo dwelling on what I am to make I feel short of what to bring . SO I called up my Sister Amy for some advice(that always works) and SHE DID IT AGAIN! Santa Fe Soup it's the perfect thing for such an event .

I will take plenty of pics and put them on after the Exchange
Tootles till then...

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