Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Testimony Time!

Well Its almost time for Christmas and I am SOOOO Excited! I just can't stop thinking of the predicament my husband and I were in last year.... Anyone up for a story??

Ok so my Husband and I had very good jobs at a private firm, but all of a sudden due to legal issues the firm had to close its doors. Leaving my husband and I stuck in a rut. We lived off of our savings for a while and the savings went fast. So this time last year we had absolutely NOTHING .. Thank GOD that we are strong believers in Christ and knew He would work it out. We kept our faith strong through the bad and GOD is blessing us in so many ways. It's funny now because the simple things( like buying a piece of fruit) I can't help but thinking back to when we were eating Ramen noodles every night. I feel so blessed this year that we have overcome my husband has a great career and we have truly been blessed in every way.

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