Monday, August 9, 2010

The Asian Grocery Store!

I have always been the type of person to try new things. Well I also love getting a great deal so I have a lot of Asian friends who always have a house FULL of groceries. When I asked "how?"the answer was always the same ,"the American grocery stores are more expensive." I have always wanted to go to an Asian grocery store but never had the guts (I stick out like a soar thumb) Well hubby decided He would go with me . I know this may sound corny but that was kind of like a date to me. So here we went into this grocery store and OMG! It was great they did have soooo many great deals and it had a lot more than just groceries in there.So since we had already gone grocery shopping we just grabbed 2 little things we couldn't pass up.Just to give you an idea of the prices; If i went to Walmart for Strawberries I may get a good deal of $4.50 per 1 container ,Aldi $1.49 per 1 container . GW (Asian store) $0.99 per 2 containers. It was like that all over the store not to mention the fresh fish and beef in the back. Oh and they had  a Chinese restaurant in the grocery store . I actually talked my hubby into next time we go ,to get Chinese food and he can eat while I do the shopping. It was just great I should have taken pictures but next time. I feel like it was a great learning experience and also a great bonding experience(hey there always room for more bonding) Oh and if you're wondering what we did buy we got 2 high intensity specialty light bulbs for $1.29 @ regular store they are $8.00 and then I got a cute pair of boy-shorts for $.99 where at the regular store they would cost $7.50. I think we did a great job and I will definitely go back.

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  1. Wow I wish we had that around here. Great deals.


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