Monday, August 23, 2010

Switch it Up!

So as I was walking my dog on the same strip of road and the same time in the morning,when I thought of something. Remember when you were a child and your momma  told you  never to keep the same  routine outdoors. Back then I just thought she was being over protective,and made no sense. Now I know if the importance of changing your routine now and again.Well I know you already know but in case you don't,If you have a pattern or routine that stays the same you're more prone to be a victim of an attack or worse. I know I'm getting deep but I was thinking if I could save atleast one person it would be well worth it. I was getting caught up in a routine and didn't even realize it. Everyday at the same time I would walk my dog to the same place. I really didn't realize it until I had stopped doing it for a couple days.That's when it dawned on me I needed to switch things up a bit.I have to admit I missed seeing the children off for school that I pass on my walk,but they will see me the day I switch it up.Until then I'll keep walking (in different directions)while  staying safe.

Have fun walking ,and remember:

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