Monday, August 2, 2010

Stay in bed!

Ok So I feel better now after recovering from my Hot flash lol. (The previous post) I have often been asking myself a question. What do you do when there's nothing to do? Wow that sounds a bit depressing but I 'm asking it because I have been taking the nap train. Lately when I have done most of the things or all of the things on my list(long list of things to do) I take a nap. Yes and that can't be healthy because I wasn't really sleepy ,I hate watching t.v sooo I just napped. I had to get out of  that phase. So here are some of the things I do to keep energized during the day.First when I wake up I don't just throw on any old thing, I chose something comfy that I wont mind leaving the house in. Second I decide what I want to eat than before I eat it I make myself do some kind of exercise. (that way the food is like a reward) Then I just carry on with my usual stuff . Whenever I start to feel a little drowsy during the day I go outside. Yep take 1min - as long as I need and just go outside. Like I will play with pooch or take her for a walk or just stand outside if I can't go to far from the house. It's something about that fresh air that wakes you up.(well wakes me up anyways.) Also if all else fails and you are still tired ,make sure most of your duties are done and retire to the bed BUT set an alarm clock to wake you up. (If I must sleep I usually set my alarm for 20-30 min.)Sometimes you are really working your body and don't realize it so a small nap may be in order; Just don't allow it to be regular.Have fun and Stay energized!


  1. That is my problem when I nap...which isn't often...but I forget to set the alarm and I always wake up feeling worse then when I laid down.

  2. GOODNESS I know how you feel ,Now I always set the alarm LOL.


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