Thursday, August 26, 2010

The small places count.

When in a rush I always always straighten up my house.I may be running from here to there but I always clean something. Well I have noticed in the midst of all this" rush cleaning" that there were small areas that I was missing. While they were small, I noticed them, those places that began to build up the stuff that I couldn’t put away that instance. Don’t get me wrong the house looked great but I saw those areas and they drove me nuts. The problem was every time I cleaned I chose to clean the house over the small spots, not realizing that was making the problem worse. Ok to get to my point as I rushed out the door yesterday I told myself just clean those little areas, so that is what I did. Man that made all the difference I thought it looked pretty good, but my thoughts were confirmed when I received a text from hubby stating,” how great the house looked!” It’s amazing how just those small spots in the house can make a huge difference. I have a show home again that I am not afraid of surprise visitors. So remember the small places count!

1 comment:

  1. I just did a mad rush clean. We are out the door for soccer cheer, and theater practice. Ugh. BUSY. I need to deep clean.


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