Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spider WHAT!!!

I happened to walk into the house to hear screams from my husband. The screams were like OMG and Jesus Jesus Jesus!! So of course I run to find out what is happening ,to my surprise my hubby is flipping out over a spider web. Spider What I yelled while trying to contain my laughter. I mean you would have thought it was my husband that had woke up that morning to find a gigantic spider staring him in the face before taking the dog for a walk. (That was me BTW if you didn't get my hint) Any who I began to wonder how in the world did a spider web get in my house and ughhh! OK so after I threw my tiny fit compared to my hubbys I composed myself.Yes composure is key.... I grabbed my trusty hand held vacuum. I began vacuuming the crevices in the ceiling.I always thought about the floors but never the ceiling..So to conclude after vacuuming your floors, take out your little vacuum and get those ceilings . I call it spider preventative maintenance have fun.

Oh btw the pic is not of any web in my home lol


  1. Lol! You don't want to see me and a spider in the same room!

  2. HAHAHAAHHAHAHA I couldn't look my wife in the eyes ever again! :P


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