Thursday, August 12, 2010

Church Revival!!!

How funny is it that I work a part time job at night just about every night of the week,when I called last night to see if I had to work they let me know they didn't have work wed & Thur.(They have Never done that before.)So I just shrugged my shoulders and went about my day when all of a sudden I get a call from my MIL asking if I was going to church. Church????? I responded ,only to find out that wed &  Thur night they are having a revival. I went even though the odds were against me not to go after hubby arrived home.We set aside all that and went....It was all about God .At first it took me a while to warm up but then I set aside all my worries and gave them all to GOD. It was a beautifully wonderful experience.One of our many sermon titles was ,"When the odds are against you." By Dr.Marvin Sapp The reference verse was Joshua 11:1 &5-6. To keep it short it was talking about how God wants us to depend on Him,and sometimes you have to wait to get your full blessing.Also it talked about how even though God told Joshua not to fret because tomorrow 'He would win the battle' That Joshua didn't just wait around but he started telling of Gods many blessing to come.Pretty much giving the enemy a black eye. So if I had to give you one thing to walk away with it would be. Give satan a black eye when ever the odds are against you praise the Lord For you know that God has a much bigger and better plan for you!!! Oh yeah and yes I will be at revival tonight..

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