Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This And That...

O.k. guys, what  have I been doing with myself? Just a little too much I'd say :-) I just wanted to share a few updates with you guys about goings on in my house. I'll do it in list format because it really is quite a bit.
  • As of last Sunday I have lost 21 pounds. My goal is 25 lbs, so I'm almost there. YAY!!!!!
  • I'm still babysitting, though my hours are gonna change soon. I'm so excited! Right now I babysit 3 kids from 5a.m.-2:30p.m. and soon I'll have them from just 4:00p.m.-6:30p.m. and for the same pay. God is way too awesome!
  • I was offered a part-time job in my condos doing up violations. I have to be the bad guy but who could resist a part-time job willing to work around my schedule. I like to get out of the house at Ariana's nap time and work. That way she doesn't miss me and my hubby is home just in case she wakes up. 
  • I also took on a part-time job cleaning the swimming pool here in my complex for the rest of this month. I clean it from 9a.m.-11a.m. I bring the kids up to the pool with me and they do activities and play with toys while I clean. My boss usually has a little treat for them because they are all so very good up there. 
  • We put Beau in middle school, a neat little charter school. Hubby and I had been praying about it and felt this is the direction God has us in right now. Beau is loving school, thank God! Ariana is enjoying all this extra attention.
  • I have been trying out so many new recipes and cannot wait to share some really great recipes with you guys. 
  • I have been wearing out my coupon binder already and am taking notes on some great money saving tips.
  • I'll be back to my regular blogging by the 23rd of this month. That's when my childcare schedule will change. I can't wait because I've missed all of my Blogger friends so very much and doing this blog with my sister is so very special to us both. 
  • I joined a home fellowship. It's in my complex and you just wouldn't believe how wonderful it is to get together with other believers and learn God's Word in addition to going to church. I LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE my savior and cannot get enough of God's Word and to spend time every week with like-minded people is amazing!
That's it with the updates for now. I'll be back in Blogland soon from my mini "vacation". Thinking of and praying for my dear Blogger friends.


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  1. Wowza I have been chatting back and forth with you and still didn't realize how much you're doing.. Also Goodness when you say Middle school I realize how old my little baby is :-( but I'll be ok I'm just sooo glad both the boys are loving school!


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