Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Birthday Party!!

Well I did tell you I would let you in on what we did for hubby's Birthday,so here it is...
First I do need to apologize I didn't take pictures due to the pure excitement of being away to celebrate.Hubby has a couple pics that I will need to download. So prepare your minds to travel with me on this small adventure.
1.)After a long and great drive we arrive at my parents house;A large beautiful white house with a wrap around porch, sitting in the middle of over 8 freshly cut acres.The air is crisp and dewy and the night is pulling at us to go to bed after a long drive. After my father gives us a mini tour of our castle abode for the weekend we descend upstairs for a wonderful nights rest.
2.)We awake to the smell of coffee brewing and bacon sizzeling ,yet there is still a question in our heads about waking up because the air is cool and we are nestled deep underneath a heated blanket and handmade quilt.
3.)The smells entice me and I head down stairs ,we feed our faces and prepare for a wonderful adventure my father laid out for us. It was great! We did too many things to mention all ,went to a garden and picked fresh fruits and tried many different and new ones.My daughter and I played on the playground that was placed right in the middle of the garden.After which we enjoyed slushys,a wagon ride and more...
4.) Only to arrive back at the house. I laid out all the presents on the table surrounding the homemade cake my father made. Lite the candles and hollered for hubby, who bounded down the stairs to see the sight.With tears building in his eyes, he blew out the candles. Here we all were to celebrate a day just for him. 
5.) After which we ate burritos munched on cake and opened presents.Every morning started the same with coffee and bacon. Every evening ended the same with dinner,family time and tired laughter.
6.)On our final night we were taken to the theater to watch two great films of course the man went in one and woman in another LOL (the only way to keep me sane.)We arrived at home and ate and played board games till we couldn't move. The last morning to wake up in our castle abode was with the smell of food.My parents had loaded our car with goodies to eat.We said our goodbyes and headed home.(which was a another adventure in itself.)
I hope with this description I brought a few of you guys with me.


  1. What a lovely day! I can just picture your parent's porch. I love a big porch and wish I had one! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  2. That sounds like and AMAZING time! What an awesome description!

  3. Thank you for the comments ! Also my hubby says thanks for the blessings on his birthday!!


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