Friday, October 29, 2010

Gettin Busy!!

So After a couple months of working my tail off,I feel like I get a little break. I am very well rested without much on my plate today.I will not have to leave until early evening so I have all day to do whatever. I figured it was time to catch up on some reading. I try and make it a habit to read the bible before another book,but I really need to get deep.So as I peek at the books on my bookshelf One in particular kept catching my eye,"Waking the dead." I believe I began reading it once before but I am not sure so I'll start from the very beginning and read it like I just bought it. I believe GOD continued to lead me to that book so Off I will go book in left hand ,bible in right. I can't wait I will keep everyone updated on how the book is going. Also my Sis has listed several great books that I need to go out and grab so I will keep you updated on SCHI book list too!
Here's a nugget ,when all the things in your day are completed,there's always time for a great book.

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