Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here's My Testimony!

By Request:

I'm am always sharing my testimonies with the ones I love. When I was asked one day to share it with others,which I do not mind considering it wasn't me It was all GOD,(who is worthy of all praise.) So I am establishing my credit I know I'm digging into my personal life but I have to for you all to understand clearly. So my credit wasn't bad but it wasn't good either considering most of what I had I was still paying OR was hospital bills. So here I go to try to fix my credit, I remember once someone telling me to dispute all the negatives but I didn't know what to do with that. So I hopped on over to check my credit and all handy dandy right there was where I could dispute. So I had a field day I disputed what I could BUT (I prayed before I did.) Then left it alone I figured if nothing happened things would remain the same and if something happened it couldn't be any worse,So I had nothing to lose. Well life has been going very good aside from the fact that I'm working my bum off (literally.) Not necessarily a bad thing but the knowledge of knowing there was something in my life that needed to be fixed still weighed on me. Well I went to check the mail which I almost didn't because I thought "It's just going to be bills or advertisements" none of the 2 I wanted cluttering my home. I went anyways I checked the mail to find a big envelope from a place I've never been. I said,'Oh great this has got to be a big bill." I opened it up before I even arrived back home just in case I was so mad I wanted to toss it . When opened it was about my credit report and stating I had disputed something and these are the outcomes that I had to look forward to. I just knew that they were going to decide to investigate further or leave the debt the same ,so I placed it down. Well I'm noisy so I figured let me read the rest of this junk ,when I opened it back up there it was clear as day DELETED that means it was totally erased from my record. Oh I was so thrilled I thought that they were going to send me another envelope with the verdict but it was right there. SO one down a couple more to go,I will be praying a lot more until I get the verdict on the rest LOL. Not a needy prayer but a prayer of thanks. That was just 1 of my many testimonies I would love to here some of yours!!
Here's a good video with other peoples testimonies. Hallelujah!!

Easter Cardboard Testimonies from Nate Graham on Vimeo.

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