Friday, October 15, 2010


Getting fit is in everyone agenda but rarely gets done. I have noticed by being around a lot of  people that many pack on the pounds in the winter. Kind of like a bear....You know they get bigger and then when summer arrives they try to shed it all last minute. I guess it could be all the holidays in the winter (food,food and more food)Or it could be the fact that you are covered up more in the winter I'm not sure.I did notice that even I bulk up a little bit during the winter. I mean who wants to exercise when those extra pounds can be covered with a nice sweater,plus I am NOT a cold weather person. So I guess there would be less activities Lets add that to our list of excuses. Any who.. I figured out you really have to find something that you don't mind doing . I can't tell you what it will be for you but I found my thing. An 8 min Tae Bo video.Now I can always say I have been adicted to taebo videos every since they first came out. So this is the one!! I mean even when I don't feel like exercising . Who in their right mind can say that they can't set aside 8 mins a day. You can't so when I'm tired or just came in from work or just plain ol' don't feel like exercising I pop in the videoand start working out by the time I realize I really don't want to do it the video is over with.Done I mean it's the best thing ever, It's like I get a workout without even thinking about it. So find your niche for the winter and STICK with it.You may be stronger than me and find a 20 min video or 30 min gym time is best. Or you may be a little busier and find that 2 min jumping jacks or 5 min cool down works better for you. Just keep in mind any exercise is better than none at all. SO fit IT in to stay FIT!

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