Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well my puppy always acts out (up) when we have new neighbors moving in. I can just imagine what she would be thinking .....Roof ,who are these people..Roof, why are they so close to my house..Roof, what are they doing.. Roof  ,I must tell someone Roof roof roof roof roof.. Yep she would probably be thinking that. So anyways she was barking a little much but I left it alone knowing why. Last night however I couldn't take it anymore first she barked every time the new neighbors went out or came in.Than it doesn't help they have two small children who like to bark back at the dog (LOL.)but As I was sleeping she went nuts ,I woke up and checked the cars nothing there but she was persistent she barked and barked until hubby woke up.I stayed asleep I was done with it I decided to block her barking out of my mind.So barking blocked I was cozy,comfy and sleep...When I suddenly awoke to my husband standing at the window saying "OH MY ....WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT???" I was determined to stay asleep so I ignored him like I heard nothing BUT He was determined to wake me up. He began shouting ,"BABE WAKE UP, WAKE UP, IT"S A DEER!!"I was tired and not thinking straight the only thing in my mind was sleep ,I thought ,"I don't care about a deer,a deer He wants me to wake up for a DEER ,OMG NO thank you."Well conscience got the best of me I got up and I'm glad I did. There in the middle of the road was a gigantic deer ,that had possibly just gotten out of a fight do to the fact that 1 of his antlers stood up and 1 was dangling by His face.Beautiful this deer was,with strong build staring straight at my dog.Yep almost with a look like He was tormenting her on purpose.So there it was my Big pooch who compared to this deer looked like a chihuahua. Chasing her tail,barking wildly and a Deer who polited stood staring back ,so still that without a close look you would miss it. What was I to do I couldnt get mad at my puppy. Shoot I would have done the same thing if a deer was looking at me like that.Thats pretty much how my night went ,just thought I'd share.


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