Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why is it That....?

Why is it that ....It's easier to clean somebody else mess,but when it comes to yours HUM.
Why is it that.....It's easier to watch t.v than read a good book.
Why is it that.....You cook all the time but when it comes to a potluck ,you're nervous.
Why is it that..... For yourself you don't have the money but if someone else ask for help,there's no question
I had originally begin this post to finish with a list of Why is it that Questions but When stuff doesn't flow It could be something else needs to be said. Lets dwell on a couple of what is it questions for awhile (if you don't mind..) It's always been easy for me to go clean someone else  house but than my house looks astray. Could it be the generosity that is naturally found in women ,Think about it GOD had to make us giving creatures,(we often give our lives away for the people that we love.)It's often easy for me to sit down in front of the television,Knowing there isn't anything of interest on and that directly in the next room there's a great book to read. Could it be that the sound of the t.v reminds us of the noise we face day to day. Think about it You get married ,maybe buy a dog and havelittle mini you's ..It's not a quiet life.Maybe the sound of nothing reminds us that we have good noises in our lives.I always cook every day ,I find it interesting that when ever we have a pot luck(covered dish,bring something from home..whatever you may call it.) I get so nervous. I think will they like my food and I try to please everyone (Ann's a vegetarian,Bobs a meat eater and Hannah can't have cheese) You know the pleasing spirit. Well God had to have made us with such a pleasing spirit how else could we as women show such acts of servitude to our spouses.Lastly the reason why I started a new theme to the post and for this I will give you an example. You have $40 you go to buy some things needed for your home.You have gotten everything needed and find that you still have a little over $20 left When all of a sudden a beautiful blouse catches your eye only $8 it would be perfect and you have been needing a blouse you grab it off the rack.As you head up to the line your phone rings it's a (cousin,sister,friend acquaintance...)They need $20 you immediatly put the blouse back and meet with them to offer your gift of $20. It took me awhile to see that some of these things can be looked at as negative. Just look at the type of person God made you too be and it will all make sense. I never really sat down to investigate all of this until today. I have made sense to me. I  hope I have done some good for you!

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