Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cruisin to Lose!!

Ok well I noticed that as I do a lot,sometimes when I get a break ...I BREAK! I mean literally my days usually go at 100 miles a minute but when I do get time to relax I realllllllyy relax. Yep like all day than by the end of the day I feel like I haven't done anything. So hubby is always telling me I deserve my breaks but some of the pounds like to come back on when you relax too much(if you know what I mean.) So I am back to old me ,the one who used to say ,"You can sleep when you're dead.) That was  me until my other half allowed me to realize that I am allowed  a break once in awhile. For now whenever I want to go lay down watch t.v or something I ask myself well what can be done first? Usually I get so caught up in stuff I forget about the break entirely. Keeping me up and active all day.Which is how it should be.Sleep at night up in the day,before this I had forgotten sleeping is really for So it's been going good and this weekend I will have plenty of time to relax!


  1. Sometimes Saturday is a really busy day for me, and sometimes I find myself relaxing and then feeling like "What did I do today?"

    But as you said, we do need a break once in awhile. I'll be rushing around doing laundry or something and my hubby will tell me to go lie down (and rest my back because it's still not 100% healed yet). It's just nice to relax sometimes, isn't it!?

  2. Yes take it easy,and allow that back to heal!!


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