Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Busy Bees!

Sis and I are living life on the fast lane oh yeah. She started before me and was sooo busy we hardly talked. Well with the holidays coming up and hubby's job acting funny,I opted for a day job. Yep so I am working in the day ,Occasionally on nights and every Saturday. Not to mention keeping up the house because I can not let my house go to shame.LOL So Sis and I take like 2 min breaks between our busy schedules to keep up with each other. Thankfully Sis (schI) Has been keeping you all up to date on the blog because I have been no help.. Oh yes Testimony so I had a lot of bad things happening in my life all of a sudden ,Yes like crashing and burning. Well I had a voice (take it as you wish) that told me to fast for 3 days. After fasting GOD blessed me with a closer relationship with HIM a closer relationship with my husband.A new car (so hubby and I don't have to hare anymore)A day job, I was able to bless my nephew by helping him with a fundraiser ...... I have many more but I felt obligated to share with you my testimonies. Fasting works One of my favorite books is FASTING by Jentezen Franklin

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