Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Too Busy, I FORGOT!!

I am running all over town getting ready for the holidays and all that good stuff. It seems like just yesterday that we(my sis and I ) started this blog. Well you have all seen us go through ups and downs ,good and bads and I dont think we have a better group of people to go through these things with. But Anywho I was racing around and had this   perfect thought to celebrate Annies (my puppy) birthday then celebrate My hubbys. The 2 are days are 7days apart I figured how perfect. So as I'm working my tush off going here and there whilst planning 2 trips one to NC and then to AL . I forgot...... Yep today 2 days later as I look my beautiful doggy in the face I realize I forgot her BIRTHDAY!! I felt soo bad ,I mean how do you make that up for a dog. I mean I even forgot her doggy cake (I cant go grab all the ingredients that fast) SO as I thought about it all I treated her to goldfish crackers and cheese balls. Not the healthiest choice but She looked at me with those cute little eyes and I gave in. SO yep I gotta go out and get  the right stuff and make that cake. You guys didn't see how adorable it was watching her whack the plate out from under the cake and chow down. It was great so I will definitely get on it. So I figured I'd share hopefully this will just help me to not forget the other bday coming up LOL. Well Thanx for listening to my story!

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