Saturday, October 23, 2010

Did You Know??

SO for  a while now I have been having this echoey sound in my phone. Well I figured my phone was tapped but really didn't give it much thought you know(why would someone want to tap my phone and who would want to tap it.)  Never really thought much into it untillll.... One day someone HACKED into all of my online entities . Everything there is no way someone can hack into everything within the same week. So I began to think who did I make mad?Nobody Who would be able to guess my passwords? Nobody Have I been on the internet lately on sites I wasn't familiar? NO All these questions cruised through my head. Now I know that random people that have no personal relationships with you AT all can hack into your stuff ,but no random person would access all my stuff plus make a new email account in my name to try and hack more stuff. Thankfully the important stuff wasn't reached. So i did a little research to find out what I could do. Then I found out lthat someone who knows what they are doing online(I don't) Can hack into your computer or cellphone without even having to be there. OMG I didn't know that anyone could be listening in on my conversation if they were just that nosey to take the time to do it. SO I have been very careful with what I do and say Until I can get a new phone(it's hard because This phones not even a year old!)So I will I also cut any ties I had with people if I didn't trust them all the way. If I had even 1 doubt in my mind or thought that they could have done this I cut them out completely Hey I gotta watch out for the saftey of my family. Anyone that desperate to take all that time just to try and ruin someone elses life Is NOT stable. Anywho I don't want anyone to worry I got it under control ,but please take steps to protect yourself when dealing with the computer of phone.



  1. Have you talked to your provider? A phone number change might work.

  2. Yes a number change will be great,I just need to transfer the number through all my clients and things. Thanks for the tip.


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