Friday, July 30, 2010


I haven't felt like doing much today simply because it's pushing 100 degrees!!! It's so hot I took the dog for a walk and nearly passed out ,if only I could get extra points on spark people for Heat LOL.Also my poor pooch looked drained today so I have been feeding her specially made food and plenty of ice water.Which is kinda funny because in the midst of taking care of pooch I forgot my own water. Thank God once again for spark people because it reminded me about my water intake.So if you can't tell I'm am not good in the heat.Oh yeah and my hair was like sweating ,(I didn't even know hair could sweat.) I just had to tell you about my strange experience with the heat today. Plus I can NOT be the only person who is totally thrown off by a massive amount of heat.. AHHHH that felt good now I'm going to take a nice cool shower ,drink some ice water and do nothing for the rest of the day....... Yeah right Now I've gotta finish laundry,cook dinner,clean house and hopefully have time to toss in a quick shower(the life of a Christian Homemaker !!!)

1 comment:

  1. Try and stay cool. Good for you drinking so much water.


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