Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blessing Journal!

So I have joined spark people (by referral SchI) It is great but it is showing me some things that I have been really skimping on in my life. One of the things that it tells me to do is keep a fitness journal. So as my sis and I  were telling each other about our goals on spark people ,Of course we began talking about how we had been blessed that day and SCH I gave me a great idea! Keep a blessing journal that way anytime I'm down I can look back at the journal and see how great GOD has been and IS in our lives. So fitness and Blessing journal it is.
Oh BTW here's the first blessing : I was walking home from the pool ,I was hot ,tired and ready to go home. When all of a sudden I here someone call my name .. It's the courtesy officer asking me to help him lug these boxes and bags to the trash.AHHHH I guess so there I go walking to the trash, Then right as he is about to throw away a Brand New unopened 4 pack of wrapping paper . I yelp yes I yelp . He turned around fast and looked me into the eyes with a questionable look. I said you're not about to throw that away ? He said yes but you can have it if you want I reached out and almost yanked it out of his hands. Then he reached into one of the boxes and said if you like that ,you will like this. Then he handed me a large pack of tissue paper.Simple but sweet (plus wrapping paper is expensive.)

1 comment:

  1. Wow you scored big time. That is just awesome. I have to have tissue paper on hand at all times.


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