Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting blessed.....

Well I just received great news from my sis (schI)But first I want to build up the story ,I love doing that!! Ok first I got blessed to have a part time job at the complex pool(making sure everyone in there is abiding by complex policy.)A great job that allowed me to be very flexible with my time,while also making extra money to cover my rent.Well my sis was looking for a part time job but all circumstances were pointing her in the direction of home. (Which makes sense!)So I was very thankful to get a call from my Sis with good news.She got offered the same type of job with her complex and also The manager at the complex loves her personality sooo much that she also asked if she could work another job. Both jobs allow her to chose her own hours as well as take the children with her. I am so excited for her that was just absolutely wonderful news.I just want everyone to look at the many blessing that GOD has allowed in our lives. Also when I am in a hard spot and see no way out I just remember that God always knows a way out (He made the way out ) and in the long run everything will work out better than we could have ever imagined..

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