Monday, July 19, 2010

Gotta Get On It

 I've been in the land of Neverending Busyness lately (well, the whole summer really). I just LOVE summer. I like hanging out with the kids and not thinking about school work or the usual rest of the year stuff. We've been trying to pack as much stuff into every single day as possible. Don't come over because we've used our mere minutes at home to leave a mess. Yesterday I was thinking how I'm looking around the house and it's NOT looking like a blessed place to be. I thought I'm not gonna sit down and plan out another packed week. I'm gonna use this week to get my house and myself back into shape. I started out by steam cleaning my WHOLE house (it took 5 hours) yesterday. I got up this morning and began making some bran muffins that I have been wanting but haven't had the time to make. While the muffins were in the oven I hopped over to Nan's blog and remembered it's Monday and she does a special post on Mondays. I kept reading and wouldn't you know her post was EXACTLY what I was thinking about this morning. Funny how that happens often at her blog. Anyway, she does this thing called Making Your Home Sing! Monday that you can find here. She talks about how she's gonna be a blessing to her home this week. I had to get involved. I'm just gonna get on it, chores and  cooking real food. We've been having picnic fare lately.  This week I'm gonna not only get back in the kitchen cooking, back in the gym working out,  I've made a chore list of must-dos that I've put off far too long. This week I will: get caught up on laundry, organizing the kitchen pantry, mopping hard floors and cleaning the baseboards. I feel motivated looking at this nice clean carpet :-) Below you'll find Nan's cute little Making Your Home Sing! button



  1. I need to get up to speed with cooking well too. Summer makes me lazy and long for BBQ food way too much.
    Good luck with the cleaning and cooking.

  2. Awesome! You are motivating me, girl! I still have got to get to my bedroom that I have been wishing (but not working on) was clean.

    Tonight while I was cooking dinner I baked chicken. I used some for dinner and cut the rest of it up and stuck it in the freezer. This way when I'm in a hurry some night, I can grab my pre-cooked chicken and make a quick meal.

    I really need to whip up a meatloaf and a couple of casseroles to freeze, but don't know if that will be this week or next.

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